Made in Chelsea is returning – with a BIG twist

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Made in Chelsea

by Daisy Hall |

Made in Chelsea is finally returning to our TV screens and we couldn’t be more excited - especially because it seems to be combining with another of our favourite reality shows: Big Brother.

Apparently, a series of specials are being filmed, in which the regular cast are going to be put up in a stately home in Surrey (of course) and forced to spend an extortionate amount of time together.

It’s basically the producers’ way of getting around the current restrictions surrounding COVID-19, which basically means that they aren’t able to film in restaurants and bars right now.

Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo
Jamie and Habbs are thought to be taking part ©Getty

Those expected to take part include Jamie Lang, Sophie Habboo, Alex Mytton, Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott. Producers are also apparently planning to through a few exes into the mix in order to add some drama to the series.

“There’s just no way they could possibly film fights, rows and romance in restaurants and bars right now, so they are planning to get a place in Surrey and film throughout August,” a source told The Sun.

“Bosses are drawing up a list of just who will be going into the house, and they are even debating sticking in a rogue ex here and there to spice things up. It’ll be like a posh Big Brother.”

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Millie Mackintosh slapping a cheating Spencer Matthews

Millie's fiery personality came up with the goods in series four. After discovering slimy Spencer was cheating on current girlfriend, Louise Thompson, Millie and Rosie (pre-'friendship' speech, obvs) confronted Spence and gave him a big old slap. Followed by a dramatic storm off, this has got to be one of the most memorable moments in the show's history.

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Former Love Island star Zara recently came under fire from “skinny-shamers” after sharing her weight loss journey with fans. She revealed she’s “feeling down, confused, sad and upset” at the online abuse she was receiving about her smaller frame and stated that “this time last year I was being relentlessly trolled online for being too fat”.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram she responded to the hate she had received and admitted that, despite what her followers thought, she was feeling better than ever about herself.

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“Earlier on I posted a pic of myself in the mirror. My abs were looking great, I looked strong, I have been working super hard in the gym, I feel amazing, and I’m having an amazing holiday. I’ve been eating pretty healthily, getting my 5 a day every day, just feeling all around great,” she wrote.

Her boyfriend, Sam, showed his support for her on his Instagram as well saying, “Not many things f--k me off, but bringing someone down because they are happy with their fitness journey and natural weight loss f--ks with me. How can people see someone lose weight whilst maintaining a healthy diet, and all the while gaining strength (she’s deadlifting 50kg now) how can people see this as a problem?!”

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