Made in Chelsea’s Digby Edgley unveils dramatic hair transformation

'I knew there was something different!'

Digby Edgley

by Daisy Hall |

Digby Edgley has always been one of Made in Chelsea's resident fitties but his new hair transformation has left him even hotter.

Don't worry we didn't think it was possible either.

In a video posted to TikTok, Digby revealed the results of a hair transplant in a bid to help combat his receding hairline.

And the before and after comparison is INSANE.

Digby's followers were quick to comment on his new look saying, "Great guy and great hair" and "I knew there was something different! Fab job!"

But who exactly is this good-looking lad with luscious locks?

Digby Edgley is probably best know for appearing on Made in Chelsea from 2017 and for dating his co-star Liv Bentley. HOT COUPLE ALERT!

Unfortunately Digby left the show in 2019 after the pair split but he soon returned and now he's a regular on the old telly box.

Digby is also a model and co-founder of Culture Ping App in his spare time.

Is Digby Edgley still on Made in Chelsea?

Yep. He re-joined last series and started dating Emma Walsh (who's weirdly also Ollie Locke's ex) but plenty of drama ensued when she started texting Tristan Phipps who also dated Liv Bentley after her break-up with Digby.

Sloppy seconds much Tris?

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Who is Digby Edgley's model girlfriend?

Digby Edgley is currently dating South African model and fellow Made in Chelsea resident Emma Walsh; although that may be up for debate if this week's episode is anything to go by as clearly Emma has a bit of a thing for Tristan Phipps.

Plus, there's been so sign of her on the 'gram...

Did Digby Edgley and Liv Bentley date?

They sure did.

Digby and Liv dated on and off from 2018-2020 before calling it quits for good.

At first there was a lot of drama between in the pair but it seems that all is forgiven as the two now appear to be pretty closer friends.

It's a bit weird but hey, if it works for them.

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Who are Digby Edgley's family?

Digby's sister Molly Edgley occasionally features in Made in Chelsea alongside Digby and is a professional make-up artist.

How old is Digby Edgley?

Digby was born 20th January 1995 so is currently 27 years old.

What is Digby Edgley's Instagram?

You can follow Digby at @digby_edgley.

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