Liv Bentley: who is the Made in Chelsea star?

And is she still dating Tristan Phipps?

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Olivia 'Liv' Bentley is one of the standout stars in the current cast of Made In Chelsea (and she's one of our faves too).

Her relationship with Tristan Phipps has provided a fair bit of drama and has been one of the main storylines on the show in the past few series. Just recently, the pair sparked split rumours after they unfollowed each other on social media in December 2021, just weeks after rekindling their relationship.

She recently told OK! magazine that she didn't get to see Tristan over the New Year as he was stuck in South Africa and remained very coy about their relationship status.

One great thing that has come from her on/off relationship with Tristan is that she's friends with Nicole Berry, who was also played around by him. The women ended up joining forces and uniting against their former lover in a solid display of hoes before bros.

Liv even said, "He's obviously lied, savagely to you and I. Why didn't he just turn around to me and say 'Yeah I actually really like Nicole'? I don't know it just seems odd."

Who is Liv Bentley?

Liv Bentley is a reality TV star and influencer who became famous through her role on the hit E4 reality TV show Made in Chelsea. Before she starred on the show she was a nude photographer.

How old is Liv Bentley?

Liv's birthday is on 26 August (making her a Virgo ♍️). She was born in 1995 meaning she is currently 26 years old.

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Where did Liv Bentley go to school?

Liv went to school at Bradfield College, a boarding school in Berkshire that costs a whopping £28,000 a year (although what else would you expect from MIC royalty?).

What is Liv Bentley's job?

Outside of her work on MIC, Liv works as a nude photographer. Honestly, what a cool job - she makes some proper arty content you can find on her Instagram.

What is Liv Bentley's net worth?

Liv's net worth is estimated to be around £600,000. Whilst it is not as high as some of her other MIC cast mates that sure is A LOT of money.

Who are Liv Bentley's family?

Liv's parents are Kevin and Kate Bentley. They appeared on MIC during series 15, amidst the breakdown of Liv and Digby's relationship (and they did not hold back). Liv also has two sisters, Athena and Kinvara.

Does Liv Bentley have anything to do with Bentley Motors?

When Liv first joined Made in Chelsea, the cast hinted that she was related to the Bentley car owner family. In the past she was even described as the great-great-granddaughter of the founder of Bentley Motors.

However, and well awkwardly, the brand has denied the claims.

Maybe she's somehow related to a distant relative? Who knows, tbh.

Does Liv Bentley have alopecia?

Liv does have alopecia and she's been very candid about her experiences with hair-loss. Talking to Grazia, she explained, "I was only ever self-conscious about it when I was younger, and then through the years, I sort of just got on with it and sort of accepted it.

"But when I was younger, it was harder because I remember having boyfriends. And they'd say like comments or I’d always be clipping in extensions."

made in chelsea binky Sophie Hermann
Binky (left), Liv and Sophie Hermann (right) ©Getty Images

When did Liv Bentley join Made In Chelsea?

Liv joined Made In Chelsea back in 2016, during the show's eleventh series. She has been a mainstay of the reality TV series ever since.

Who is Olivia Bentley dating?

At the end of season 21, Liv was seen rekindling her romance with her boyfriend Tristan (much to the dismay of the whole of Chelsea, including Liv's bestie Ollie Locke).

However, she announced at the beginning of series 23, which premiered on 5 April, that her and Tristan have split once again meaning she is currently single.

Is Liv Bentley still dating Tristan Phipps?

Liv recently announced that she's parted ways once again with Trista. This news wasn't too much of a surprise as the couple had their ups and downs. They even decided to call it quits for a few months last year. Announcing their split in June 2021, she told Grazia, "Because of lockdown, Tristan and I have either been living together, or not seeing each other at all.

"It was very up and down but I think it made it a lot harder having a relationship in front of all our friends because it was just very intense."

However, as of September rumours started to emerge that their relationship was on again after Liv and Tristan were pictured together looking VERY couple-y. As their relationship was one of the main storylines of the then upcoming series of MIC, Liv was unable to confirm if the two had actually got back together.

By the end of series 22, however, the couple had resolved their issues and decided to get back together.

It seems that between the filming of series 22 and 23, however, Liv and Tristan have decided to once again call it a day on their relationship,

Talking about their split, Liv has described herself as being "happily single". She also revealed that she was the one who called time on their relationship.

"I was just like 'I can't do this anymore.' We were screaming in the streets and I was just like 'this is too much,'" she told her co-star Paris Smith.

She then went on to say, "I actually love being single".

And it turns out that Tristan has even struck up an unexpected bromance with Liv's ex Digby Edgley of all people.

Was Liv Bentley on Celebs Go Dating?

Yes, Liv was on Celebs Go Dating back in 2020, alongside Joshua Ritchie (who she was then linked to after her appearance on the show).

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The initial idea came from LA based The Hills. Spencer Matthews was pals with Spencer Pratt and Brody Jenner and, he told Closer Online in 2017, "We didn't have anything like that in the UK. "We pitched basically the same as [producer of The Hills and The City] Adam DiVello's idea over here to star in our own show in London."The crossover later made itself known when Spencer Pratt's sister Stephanie arrived in Chelsea in 2013 and started dating Spencer.

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Liv Bentley's relationship history

Before her relationship with Tristan, Liv dated a few other famous faces, some of whom were even co stars from MIC and Celebs Go Dating. Here's a little refresher on the people she dated before Tristan.

Sam Thompson

Sam Thompson
©Getty Images

They're good friends now, but when Liv and MIC royalty Sam Thompson were teenagers they had a brief fling (we know, we're surprised too). They brought the fling up again when Liv was on Celebs Go Dating. Sam called Liv "bossy" and said she spent the night "telling him what to do". It's good they were able to move past any awkwardness and remain good friends.

Alex Mytton

Alex Mytton
©Getty Images

Liv and Alex Mytton hooked up in the South of France back in 2016 just two days after he split from his ex-girlfriend Nicola Hughes. Nothing came of the brief romance but Alex did admit he had regrets over "leaping into bed with someone" so soon after the break-up... probably for the best things didn't go any further considering Alex's romantic history.

Francis Boulle

Francis Boulle
©Getty Images

Liv caused a fair bit of drama when she hooked up with Francis Boulle after Toff confessed her feelings towards him. Liv and Francis dated briefly after they slept together although it was neither here nor there and ended as quickly as it started.

Fredrik Ferrier

Fredrik Ferrier
©Getty Images

Liv dated Frederik Ferrier for a little while, shortly after Fredrik asked his pal Francis if he could pursue Liv. Whilst things seemed to be going well, Fredrik just had to go and ruin things didn't he? He was caught texting his friends about how "cute" MIC newcomer Mimi Bouchard is. From there the relationship didn't really have a future and the two soon parted ways.

Digby Edgley

Digby Edgley

Liv and Digby were a pretty iconic MIC couple. They dated on and off from 2017 - 2019 after meeting on a modelling shoot. The relationship definitely had it's ups and downs and sadly ended during the Croatia spin-off of the series.

Joshua Ritchie

Joshua Ritchie
©Getty Images

Now this was a bit of an unexpected pair... but sometimes they make the best couples. Not on this occasion, however. Liv and Joshua Ritchie met on Celebs Go Dating, and whilst there was a rule in place against dating co stars, they didn't let this get in the way of their brief fling. Whilst the two were pictured together looking VERY couple-y, Liv made it clear that she never saw a relationship happening with the former Love Islander.

Demi Sims

Demi Sims
©Getty Images

In an episode of MIC, Liv told Sophie Hermann and Ollie Locke that she was going on a date with a girl. This 'girl' in question was later revealed to be TOWIE's very own Demi Sims. The date didn't lead to anything as Liv told Hello! magazine, "I decided it wasn't for me and that I'm not that way inclined."

Will Higginson

Liv and Will Higginson had been dating for a little bit after he joined MIC. This didn't go down too well with Tristan, who had been hooking up with Liv while they were staying in Surrey over the summer. It led to a bit of a confrontation between the boys, which ended with them both deciding to pursue Liv - at this point we don't think it would be a spoiler to say Tristan came out on top.

Tristan Phipps

Tristan Phipps
©Getty Images

And now we get to the present. Liv and Tristan had been dating on and off for the last couple of years. Whilst they had their issues and ended up splitting in 2021, series 22 saw them rekindle their romance, and ended with them getting back together. Their relationship sadly wasn't meant to be, however, and by the first episode of series 23 the pair had once again called it quits.

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