Made in Chelsea’s Miles Nazaire shows off new hair after asking fans for advice

The MiC star has made quite the transformation

Miles Nazaire

by Emily Vierke |

There isn't much we love more than a celebrity makeover, and when it's a drastic hair transformation from a Made in Chelsea star? Obsessed.

The latest famous face to give themselves a winter glow up is SW3's resident charmer, Miles Nazaire.

Miles recently asked his Instagram fans to vote whether he should keep his hair long or go for a buzzcut.

Miles' mum even sent him a message that he shared with his Instagram followers advising against the cut due to the fact that it's winter. Classic mum advice.

It was a close call, but after 51% of his followers told him to shave it all off Miles listened and his signature brown curls are no more. We are shook.

We must confess we weren't entirely convinced Miles' would follow through with the cut as his dark waves are somewhat of a trademark but he is embracing the new look and has already posted a story selfie with the trim.

And we have to admit he totally owns it.

Brace yourselves...

Seeing as Miles hasn't posted a picture on his grid yet, friends and followers haven't offered their opinions but we have no doubt the new cut will be adored but girls and guys alike. It's all very Action Man and when isn't that a hit?

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