MAFS UK’s Thomas Hartley reveals which co-star is his perfect man and it’s NOT Adrian Sanderson

Just imagine if these two got together...

married at first sight uk still together

by Lucy Brown and Nathan Katnoria |

The most recent series of Married at First Sight UK was an absolutely wild ride, to say the least, and it's not a stretch to say that the cast member at the centre of most of the drama was Thomas Hartley.

Thomas was matched with Adrian Sanderson by the dating experts and they had a pretty turbulent relationship. Although they stayed together throughout the whole experiment, they realised they were better off as friends at the last dinner party.

But, while things didn't work out with Adrian, Thomas has revealed which of his MAFS UK co-stars is his "perfect man" and we didn't see this one coming.

heat recently caught up with Thomas for a classic game of Snog, Marry, Avoid and he didn't hold back. When asked to choose from grooms Richie Dews, Duka Cavolli and Pjay Finch, Tom said, "Richie I would avoid because I don't want to hear any more of his music.

"Duka I would snog because it would keep him quiet for a minute."

He then added, "Pjay I would marry because he's the perfect man."

Viewers will know that Pjay was matched with fellow Harry Potter enthusiast Jess Potter but they left the experiment after she friendzoned him and she's since gone public with her new boyfriend.

So, we know that Thomas and Adrian and Pjay and Jess have both split, but what about the other couples? Allow us to reveal all...

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Which couples are still together from MAFS UK 2022?

April and George
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CREDIT: Channel 4

Relationship status: SPLIT

Despite looking like one of the strongest couples on the show and declaring their love for each other, April and George are reportedly no longer together. Just earlier this month George was arrested on suspicion of controlling and coercive behaviour, after three of his ex-girlfriends came forward calling him an “emotional abuser.”

Gemma and Matt
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CREDIT: Channel 4

Relationship status: SPLIT

When Matt and Gemma entered the experiment a couple of weeks after the original couples, they seemed like a perfect match: both covered in tattoos and owned hair salons. However this was very quickly proven too good to be true as Matt struggled to get on board with Gemma’s sexual humour. Seeking solace in Whitney, whilst still married to Gemma, Matt and Gemma ended their marriage after his romance with Whitney came to light.

Whitney and Duka
3 of 11
CREDIT: Channel 4

Relationship status: SPLIT

From the get go Whitney and Duka’s marriage was rocky, with Whitney accusing Duka of being fake and acting different in front of the cameras. Ouch. However when late comer Matt entered the experiment with bride Gemma, Whitney and Matt immediately hit it off, causing lots of drama within the group, resulting in Whitney’s marriage to Duka ending and Matt’s to Gemma.

Whitney and Matt
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CREDIT: Channel 4

Relationship status: SPLIT

Despite not getting together under the original plan of the show, Whitney and Matt hit it off even though they were married to other people. After ending their original marriages, Whitney and Matt remained in the experiment as a dating couple, NOT a married couple, much to the disagreement of their fellow couples. After a rocky time on the show and Matt getting a tattoo in honour of Whitney (yikes), during the reunion dinner party it came to light that the couple had split due to the long distance.

Jess and PJay
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CREDIT: Channel 4

Relationship status: SPLIT

Straight after they got married, alarm bells were ringing for Jess after she found out that PJay was a stripper. Despite getting on during their honeymoon, the couple decided they were better off as friends and parted ways fairly early in the experiment.

Thomas and Adrian
6 of 11
CREDIT: Channel 4

Relationship status: SPLIT

If there was one thing we counted on this series, it was Thomas bringing the drama. When he first married Adrian his big personality became the focus of many arguments through the experiment. However the couple slowly settled down and started to get on, but Adrians lack of intimacy was a deal breaker for Thomas and the couple announced they had split at the final dinner party.

Sophie and Jonathan
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CREDIT: Channel 4

Relationship status: SPLIT

Another late arrival to the experiment, career driven Sophie and laid back Jonathan seemed like an unlikely match. However they quickly proved that opposites attract after hitting it off on their honeymoon. This didn’t last forever though, as Jonathan’s controversial (and in our opinion downright rude) views about women’s bodies caused the first of many tensions in their relationship. It was revealed at the reunion that Sophie and Jonathan hadn't seen each other for months after the experiment and have split.

Kasia and Kwame
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CREDIT: Channel 4

Relationship status: SPLIT

Even though we all hoped that they’d become one of the power couples on the show, the home stays were the turning point in their relationship. Kwame decided not to bring Kasia to his home, leaving her feeling like she wasn’t getting a fair chance at the experiment, which resulted in them calling it quits at one of the final commitment ceremonies.

Zoe and Jenna
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CREDIT: Channel 4

Relationship status: STILL TOGETHER

As one of the strongest couples on the show, Jenna and Zoe had a bumpy start as Zoe adjusted to Jenna’s vegan lifestyle, however this quickly overcame this and the rest of their journey has been relatively smooth. After renewing their vows on the show, the couple continue to post pictures together on social media, leading us to believe that they are still together.

Lara and Richie
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CREDIT: Channel 4

Relationship status: SPLIT

First-time husband Richie married serial bride Lara, and even wrote a song for her at the start of the experiment. But Richies lack of experience became a huge turn off for Lara who was looking for a partner to take care of her, not to take care of. After a couple of bust ups the couple parted ways leaving the experiment.

Chant and Jordan
11 of 11
CREDIT: Channel 4

Relationship status: SPLIT

If there is one couple that has made us believe in love after this entire process, it’s Chanita and Jordan. Despite having a few turbulent moments, their journey on the show was relatively plain sailing compared to some of the other couples we’ve seen. But viewers were shocked when Chanita entered the reunion alone and announced that they had split before saying Jordan didn't put enough effort in. After the episode aired, Chanita took to instagram with the caption "Like Beyonce said, Me Myself and I", seemingly confirming that she is currently single.

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