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by Caitlin Casey |

This year, we were obsessed with the teen romance of Heartstopper. Then, we were hooked on the latest season of Stranger Things. We can't even mention the return of Bridgerton early this year and Big Mouth season six just having been released. Let's be honest, it's been a whirlwind year for the Netflix series.

Now, though, more than ever, you can get your hands on the best range of designs from our favourite Netflix shows. No, we're not talking about tacky t-shirts or the same old stickers - these are fresh, new fan merchandise that you can really tailor to your style. Where to grab it, you ask? Well, just the independent artist marketplace: Redbubble.

That's right, Redbubble has partnered together with Netflix to bring an independent artist collection of a range of Netflix shows so that we fans can really make the most of our hard-earned money (and what better way than to show love for our fave TV shows?).

As well as the shows mentioned above, you can snap up merchandise for Money Heist, Squid Game, Outer Banks, Young Royals and much much more on Redbubble. Get them quick.

SHOP: The Redbubble and Netflix range, including Stranger Things and Heartstopper


Here's what to grab on the Redbubble x Netflix range

Stranger Things
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CREDIT: Redbubble artist Katie Lutterschmidt

From the Stranger Things shop, we're obsessed with this poster by Katie Lutterschmidt - and it really makes an impact on any blank wall. If you're as stuck in the upside-down as we are, check out all these top hits below.

Some of our favourite Stranger Things bits:
Max Floating Phone Case
Mama Steve-Stranger Things Sticker
Stranger Things Steve Harrington Graphic T-Shirt
THAT Scene Coffee Mug
Stranger Things sticker pack Stickers

Heartstopper - Charlie and Nick - Hi Tote Bag
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CREDIT: redbubble artist micbook

We couldn't get enough of Nick and Charlie's budding romance in Heartstopper season one. Now, you don't have to stop falling in love with them with all these goodies, like this Charlie and Nick Tote Bag by micbook.

Some of our favourite Heartstopper bits:
Heartstopper Nick Nelson Gay Crisis Quote Sticker
My Life Is Way Better Because I Met You. Zipper Pouch
Heartstopper Charlie's Journal Notebook Spiral Notebook
Boy Meets Boy Shoes Hardcover Journal

Maurice - Big Mouth - Hormone Monster Classic T-Shirt
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CREDIT: redbubble artist tolson89

With the Big Mouth latest season having just dropped in late October, we're hooked on the show and want everything that we can get our hands on. If you're as obsessed as us, check out these goodies - and, what could be more iconic than a Maurice T-Shirt, as designed by tolson89?

Some of our favourite Big Mouth bits:
Bubble Bath Bath MatMaurice - Big Mouth - Hormone Monster Classic T-Shirt
Joojle it! Essential T-Shirt

Outer Banks
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CREDIT: redbubble artist katelyngonos

Outer Banks, a place where it's always the Pogues vs the Kooks, gives us the mystery and longing for teenage adventure. Whether you're going full kook like this sticker by katelyngonos, or just obsessed with JJ, you can grab loads of merch on Redbubble.

Some of our favourite Outer Banks bits:
Honorary Kook Design (from Outer Banks) Multicoloured Clock
Outer Banks - "to have a good time all the time" Quote Classic T-Shirt
Outer Banks Surfboard Drawstring Bag
OBX The Pogues Hardcover Journal
POGUELANDIA Photographic Print

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CREDIT: redbubble artist Jenna Guidi

What could be better than donning your home with elegant Bridgerton-inspired merchandise? Lady Whistledown would certainly be pleased with that. From this coaster by Jenna Guidi to tees, here's what we think will land well with the Bridgerton families.

Some of our favourite Bridgerton bits:
Lady Whistledown Quote Sticker
Kanthony Finger Touch Bridgerton Classic T-Shirt
Bridgerton Spiral Notebook
Anthony Bridgerton Bane Of My Existence Quote Sticker

Money Heist / La Casa de Papel
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CREDIT: redbubble artist azule1

Our favourite heist show, Money Heist, (also known as La Casa de Papel, depending on how you watch) finished last year but we're still big fans - plus, with an extra South Korean adaptation, we can't get enough. We particularly love this mug designed by azule1.

Some of our favourite Money Heist bits:
Boom Boom Ciao Classic T-Shirt
Professor House of Money Sticker
Money Heist! Sticker
Ciao Ciao Ciao - Minimalist Classic T-Shirt

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