Charlie Radnedge reveals how producers INTERFERED in his relationship with Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu

'I probably shouldn’t say this'

Charlie Radnedge Ekin-Su Love Island producers

by Asher Brandon and Ben Pulsford |

With Made in Chelsea and I'm A Celeb back on screens, we'll forgive you if just went, "Who?" Not to Ekin Su Cülcüloğlu, obviously. We wouldn't be surprised if she announced she was running for Prime Minister soon – in fact, we might be grateful.

Love Island 2022 bombshell Charlie Radnedge has kept a relatively low profile since his brief stint on the hit ITV series; to put that into perspective, Ekin-Su, Davide Sanclimenti and Gemma Owen have all appeared on giant advertisements in Times Square in the last few weeks.

Charlie Radnedge

Charlie, however, has been working on his fitness, his personal coaching business, and his new podcast with celebrity bestie, Miles Nazaire from Made in Chelsea. And to throw him a bone, the first episode is pretty 🔥🔥, which just goes to show you shouldn't judge a podcast by its podcaster.

Fairly early on in the first ep, the topic of Love Island was brought up, with Charlie divulging into his time on the show, refreshing all our memories by reminding us that when he was brought in as bombshell, he had to choose two girls for a hot tub date. Out of all the remaining girls – single or partnered up – Charlie chose Tasha Ghouri (who was having a rocky time with now boyfriend Andrew Le Page at the time) and Ekin-Su, who was a single pringle and mingling like a pro.

HOWEVER, Charlie went on to reveal - and admitted that he probably shouldn't be spilling the beans - that Love Island producers stepped in and persuaded him to pursue one girl over the other, regardless of what his head, heart, gut, or, well, whatever, was telling him.

Charlie told Miles, "My gut was like, 'Go with Tash'. And then I kind of... I probably shouldn’t say this... But, I kind of, like, had a bit of a chat with a…"

Miles interjeceted, saying, "A producer". Something tells us he's somewhat familiar with this type of interchange.

Charlie continued, "Yep, and I got swayed."

As a result, Charlie ended up pursuing Ekin-Su and leaving Tasha to a road that eventually led back to Andrew.

Charlie made quite an impression when he entered the villa on day 18 this summer. Not only did he manage to turn Tasha's head for a hot minute, but he peacocked in there with a rock-solid body that rivalled muscle gods Davide and Jay Younger.

The 28-year-old real estate developer/fitness expert proved he was a man of many skills from the moment he walked onto our screens - apart from dancing and stripping, of course. Charlie raised our heart rates for all the wrong reasons as the nation awkwardly watched him make love to a patch of grass before failing to peel off his tear away trousers during this year's heart rate challenge.

It's safe to assume the Dreamboys haven't slid into his DMs.

Charlie Radnedge

He might not know how to move his body to a beat, but Charlie certainly knows how to look after it in the gym. In fact, he recently launched a career as an online coach to help men and women looking to lose weight, build muscle and/or commit to a healthier lifestyle – or those who just want an excuse to chat to fit lord Charlie every week.

As part of the promo for his new side hustle, Charlie shared a video to both his personal and professional Instagram accounts showing his body during Love Island filming and his body three months prior and the transformation...well, he still looks absolutely incredible in both the before and after, but it's safe to say he got LEAN and RIPPED for his telly debut.

All we see is a lot of glistening, rippling muscle so forgive us for not being able to come up with something characteristically tongue in cheek and witty right now.

It's very impressive; there, let's go with that. You watch the video while we crack a window open.

Understandably, the post's comments are littered with enough fire emojis to burn down Instagram, three of which have been provided by Miles who commented, "🔥🔥🔥."

Speaking of 🔥...

We can't remember the last time we stepped out of the shower looking this wet, let alone got this wet at the gym.

Who is Charlie Radnedge?

Charlie entered the Love Island 2022 as bombshell on day 18 and lasted eight days before being dumped. He coupled up with both Ekin-Su and Antigoni, and expressed an interest in Tasha. He's from London and works in real estate development and fitness.

Opening up about his decision to go on the ITV2 show prior to filming, Charlie admitted, "It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity - I’ve got to give it a go. I date quite a lot in London and I’ve been single for three years, so I’m not having that much success in that department, so why not try something new."

How old is Charlie Radnedge?

While Charlie is 28 years old, over the summer, some Love Island fans felt the need to take to social media to state how he looks a heck of a lot older (be nice out there) and took to Instagram to share their thoughts on his casting, because of course they did.

Under the Instagram post announcing his entry on the show, one person wrote, "Hi I’m Charlie, I’m 45 and I’m Tasha's dad". Okay, that's funny.

Another person added, “Someone collect their dad.”

Someone else commented, "Looks like one of the producers has stepped in as a bombshell."


Is Charlie Radnedge friends with Miles Nazaire?

He sure is.

Made in Chelsea' Miles Nazaire posted a video of Charlie's first episode on his Instagram story and revealed they're BFFs.

"The secret is out - Charlie is on Love Island. We've known for weeks and it's been killing us not saying anything. Me and the boys obviously knew this and this is why he's not been on socials and why we haven't been hanging out with him.

"Everyone please go and support our boy Charlie he's amazing, he's our best mate. He's going to kill it."

Miles went on to add, "He's one of the funniest humans we know."

Miles also admitted that he was surprised that Charlie has even gone on Love Island.

"I can't believe he's waking up in Love Island. I find it crazy because if you know Charlie, it's so unlike him to go on a TV show and do something like this but myself and all his boys are so proud."

The pair recently released a podcast together called Playtime.

Is Charlie Radnedge friends with the cast of Made In Chelsea?

Charlie’s connection with MIC doesn’t end with his friendship with Miles. No, no, no. He is also close with Harvey Armstrong, who, like Miles, posted a picture of Charlie on his Instagram story, with the caption, "Can’t believe it @charlieradnedge my boy on the island."

Maybe Charlie will star on MIC in the future? He wouldn't be the first Love Island star or even Charlie to go on the E4 show. MIC fans have seen Charlie Frederick and Zara McDermott in Chelsea.

Why is Charlie Radnedge** single?**

Opening up before going into the villa, he said, "Part of it is that I'm very happy on my own. I enjoy doing stuff on my own and having my own space. I don’t require someone else to make me feel happy.

"If I do get into a relationship I want it to be something that adds to both of our lives, rather than it being something my happiness is dependent on. I’m probably at the age where the next serious relationship, that’ll be it I reckon, so I want to be sure."

How would Charlie Radnedge's family and friends describe him?

"Quite chilled, a good friend, quite loyal, very friendly but also can be outgoing and loud. I’m more of an introvert as a person.

"I spend a lot of time on my own doing stuff but I’m also social and when I see friends I’m loud - so it’s a bit of a mixture really," he admitted.

Does Charlie Radnedge have Instagram?

He does - you can follow him @charlieradnedge and @fit.withcharlie.

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