Who is Sarah Goodhart? Everything you need to know about Geordie Shore’s new cast mate

You've definitely seen this little radgie before


by Hannah Mellin |

Geordie Shore series FOURTEEN is upon us folks! Yep, we've been obsessed with the bunch of radgies for what seems like an absolute lifetime and long may it continue.

And to celebrate a BRAND NEW ERA, the new series will see not one, not two, but EIGHT brand spanking new housemates descend on the house.


Geordie Shore: New Radgie Rampage will see proper seasoned regulars Gaz Beadle, Marnie Simpson, Sophie Kasaei, Chloe Ferry, Aaron Chalmers, Nathan Henry and Marty McKenna joined by Abbie Holborn, Billy Philips, Chelsea Barber, Elettra Lamborghini, Eve Shannon, Sam Bentham, Sarah Goodhart and Zahida Allen. Phew.

Oh and in the promo image, Gaz Beadle has 'done a Beyoncé' and posed for a pregnancy shoot showing off his new offspring.


ANYWAY, shall we start by getting to know brand new recruit Sarah Goodhart? You'll definitely wanna stalk this mega babe.

Who is Sarah Goodhart?

Sarah works as a professional make-up artist and is a seasoned reality telly pro.

Well, she's previously made an appearence on Ex On The Beach, where she confronted her ex-boyf Marty 'from the party' McKenna and it didn't end very well.

Watch out Chloe Ferry.

Sarah describes herself as one-hundred-percent relatable, but sometimes a 'touch unstable'. SAME BABES.

Entering the house single and ready to mingle, Sarah also refers to her ex lads as 'side salads' because she's yet to find her 'main course'.

Lolololol. We're all about comparing our fellas to a three course dinner.

She's also best pals with fellow newbie and Ex On The Beach alumni Zahida Allen. Gurrrrrrl power.

Does Sarah Goodhart have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

Nope, Sarah is 100% single. However, could the lure of her ex-boyfriend Marty McKenna's quiff be too much to take?

We'll have to wait and see...

Sarah Goodhart Instagram

Sarah can be found looking beaut and demonstrating her kick ass make-up skills over on @sarahgoodhart.

Sarah Goodhart Twitter

Sarah can be found tweeting over at @sarlougoodhart and she's actually pretty HILAR.

We'll come with ya pet.

Sarah Goodhart age

Sarah Goodhart is 23!

Has Sarah Goodhart been on TV before?

Yaaaaaaaaaas! Sarah was part of Ex On The Beach series 5 and made her ex Marty McKenna weep.

Upon her epic arrival, Sarah claimed she and Marty broke up because he had been shagging "half of Newcastle."

Standard Geordie boy crack. Ew.

Eeeeeee! We can't wait to see what carnage Sarah brings to the tooooon.


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