How to cook the ultimate autumnal risotto for your bestie with minimal effort

Here's your sign to invite your BFF round for a cosy dinner ✨


by Aimee Jakes |

Does anyone else feel unusually busy right now? We have to go to work, source three healthy meals for ourselves, get eight hours of sleep (ha), have a hobby, exercise, take our vitamins, swipe through Tinder, catch up with Made In Chelsea, reply to WhatsApp messages, Hinch our homes, update our BeReal, double cleanse, buy Christmas presents, fake tan, stay informed and close the three rings on our Apple Watch. Very busy and important stuff for one perpetually tired human.

So when it comes to spoiling our bestie with interrupted time and attention, sometimes it can literally feel like there is no more time left on earth.

Luckily, our pals over at HelloFresh are connoisseurs of the speedy meal recipe box and have plenty of healthy meals to choose from each week that you can rustle up in twenty minutes. Each recipe comes with all the ingredients, herbs and spices you need, already weighed out so you can get on with the fun stuff. Oh and no more panic-ordering an expensive takeaway which makes you feel a bit, well, bleugh.

It has been a hot minute since I've caught up with my best friend Indya, so decided to organise a wholesome, cosy dinner at mine. Normally, I would be feeling very stressed as 1) Indya is the best cook I know 2) I am not 3) I once made mashed potato that actually looked like soup.

However, HelloFresh exists and its recipes are foolproof. I decided to pick a meal that she I know she would like, plus a few extra meals I could cook for the rest of the week. The definition of having your life together, amirite?

For my Very Wholesome Bestie Dinner, I settled on the very hearty Oven-Baked Ratatouille Risottowhich is more autumnal than The Gilmore Girls and Pumpkin Spice Lattes combined. I started to listen to my favourite podcast (The Girls Bathroom, obv) and began slicing up my onions and red pepper without a care in the world.

I love having my bag of prepared ingredients in front of me and feel like a prime-time telly chef in the best way. Honestly, I'm hooked. I also appreciate how each recipe is extremely beginner-proof, but little extras like the rocket and hard cheese really elevate the dinner and make it look like you've spent hours. Thank you, HelloFresh for having my back.

I am pleased to report that Indya was very impressed with her risotto and it was nice to catch up over something healthy, hearty and homemade. The best part? The portion sizes are hefty which is a dream come true for someone who is permanently hungry. Aka, me.

HelloFresh also has delicious sides and desserts available to buy as add-ons each week, so next time I may even treat us to a Gü Vanilla Cheesecake and really push the boat out. What can I say, Indya is a very lucky girl.

Get 60% off your 1st box, plus25% off for 2 months + free gifts with the code HFBAUER60 at HelloFresh here

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