Did Gemma Owen snub Tasha Ghouri from her PLT launch?

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by Hannah Mellin |

It’s been two months since the end of Love Island 2022 and the Islanders have been doing what they do best post-villa. Namely, launching clothing collections, flogging #sponcon on Instagram and appearing at every event and red carpet going.

Last night, it was the turn of runner-up Gemma Owen to host a launch party for her first PrettyLittleThing collection and, of course, she was joined by her pals from the reality TV and influencer world. Well, most of them anyway.

Among the guests were Gemma’s fellow Islanders Paige Thorne and Antigoni Buxton, as well as Too Hot to Handle star Emily Faye Miller, but someone who was conspicuous in their absence was Tasha Ghouri.

gemma owen tasha ghouri
Gemma hosted a dinner in celebration of her PrettyLittleThing collection ©Getty

Instead of reuniting with her friends from the villa, Tasha enjoyed a quiet night in at her new love nest with boyfriend Andrew Le Page.

The couple shared a number of loved up snaps on their Instagram Stories of them spending some quality time together, including Andrew treating Tasha to dinner on the floor as they haven’t yet bought a dining table for their new pad.

tasha ghouri gemma owen
Tasha ate dinner with Andrew instead of attending Gemma's event ©Instagram

It’s not entirely clear whether Tasha was snubbed from Gemma’s party altogether or received an invite and chose not to go, but what we do know is that rumours of a rift between the pair recently surfaced online.

Tasha sparked speculation that she and Gemma had fallen out when she revealed which Islander she still speaks to and Gemma’s name wasn’t mentioned. The dancer told The Sun, “I have been mostly in touch with Indiyah and Paige.”

However, she went on to add, “I am really happy for every single girl. What is so nice is the girls are all doing things that make sense to them. It’s just amazing to see all the girls winning at life. And the boys are smashing it. Life is not about competition, it’s about doing what makes you happy.”

This all comes after Tasha was seen with long dark hair with a choppy fringe as she parades in a leather outfit for a fashion brand - miles away from her blonde hair and cute little freckles that she's rocked during her stay in Love Island.

The TikTok is aptly titled, "Hi meet my alter ego, Elektra"

We're not going to lie, it's giving serious 2019 legend Maura Higgins vibes.

It looks like Love Island fans have also uncovered the post, with many commenting on just how different she looks.

One wrote, "I just love this look so much 🔥🔥🔥🔥."

Another added, "Pulp Fiction vibes."

Who did Tasha Ghouri date before Love Island?

Just three months before entering the Love Island villa, 23-year-old model and dancer was in a relationship with Too Hot To Handle star, Robert Van Tromp.

She was apparently in a relationship with 30-year-old Robert for five months, after meeting him last October.

How old is Tasha Ghouri?

She is 23 years old.

Where is Tasha Ghouri from?

Tasha is from Thirsk, a town in Yorkshire.

What does Tasha Ghouri do as a job?

She's a model and dancer and has modelled for ASOS. She's also pretty big on Instagram, with 18.6K followers before she was announced.

What is Tasha Ghouri's Instagram?

You can follow her over on @tashaghouri. She also has her own 'Talks With Tasha' account, where she shares awareness of the deaf community.

Why did Tasha Ghouri go on Love Island?

In a nutshell, Tasha wanted to find The One.

She said, "My dating life has been a shambles. This is an opportunity for me to find ‘The One’ and have a great summer at the same time. I’m definitely ready for a relationship. I’m 23 now so I’m ready to get to know someone, go on holidays and travel with them."

She also wants to find BFFs in the villa, but will step on some toes if she has to, "I’m a girls’ girl but it is a dating show and I’m here to find my man. I may have to step on toes but I’ll do it in the nicest way possible."

Love Island Tasha

How would Tasha Ghouri's family and friends describe her?

"They would definitely describe me as wild. I can get very wild on a night out, I’m definitely a party animal. I love my prosecco and to have a dance - I’m always on the dance floor. I’m very loyal to my friends and family, I’ll always have their backs. I’m the type of person to put others before me. They would definitely say I’m a nap queen - I love napping! I think they’d also say I’m inspirational because of my hearing and my cochlear implant. I inspire quite a lot of people because I’m really open about it."

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