Married At First Sight UK’s Christmas special set to be interesting as fans spot bizarre error

Stars from the last two series of Married At First Sight UK are set to reunite and it's bound to kick off

Duka and Alexis from Married At First Sight UK looking surprised while sitting on a sofa

by Emily Vierke |

Oh, we just ADORE a Christmas special, so we were over the ruddy moon when we found out a Married at First Sight UK festive feast was in the works.

The MAFS UK drama always unfolds around the dinner table, so it makes sense that contestants from the last two seasons are getting together for another of their infamous dinner parties. Among those in attendance are the likes of Thomas Hartley, Nikita Jasmine, Chanita Stephenson and Amy Christophers.

But when a teaser pic was released via the official MAFS UK Instagram account, fans noticed something a little peculiar about the promo image.

By peculiar, we mean that the festive photo appears to be Photoshopped together, and the comment section had an absolute field day.

There is no denying the animosity between some of the brides and grooms and we're pretty sure more couples are broken up then together, but to not be in the same room together?

Come on guys, it's the season to be merry. Take a little Christmas card photo for us.

One fan commented "They look photoshopped lol," with another stating, "Some mad photoshopping going on here 😂 I think we can tell who didn’t want to be in the same room together."

Who is on the Married At First Sight UK Christmas special?

We're in for a real treat with this one. From the first series we will be having Alexis Economou, Amy Christophers and Nikita Jasmine and from season two, there are a few more are turning up for Christmas dinner including couple Zoe Clifton and Jenna Robinson, Chanita Stephenson, Jordan Emmett-Connolly, Pjay Finch, Duka Cavolli, Adrian Sanderson, Thomas Hartley and Johnathan Wileman.

When is Married At First Sight UK Christmas special on?

Sunday 11 December is when we're in for this absolute banger of a show. That's less than two weeks, guys.

What time is Married At First Sight UK Christmas special on?

The show usually airs at 10pm and by the looks of things E4 are sticking to this tradition.

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