Made in Chelsea viewers call for ‘childish’ star to be AXED

Made in Chelsea fans are divided over a certain cast member

Ollie Locke looking confused on Made in Chelsea

by Nathan Katnoria and Emily Vierke |

Oh we do love a controversial reality star, especially when they split viewers' opinions into opposing categories of "absolute comedy" vs "childish and annoying" - and the latest to divide fans is Made in Chelsea star Sam Prince.

The bleached blonde boi has been spending his free time mocking and winding up his co-star Julius Cowdrey online and while Sam think it's truly hilarious, Julius does NOT find the funny side.

In the most recent episode of Made in Chelsea, Sam and his girlfriend Inga Valentiner went head to head with Julius and his new flame Georgia May Salamat and viewers are torn on whether it's comedy gold or down right bullying. Apparently, a fine line.

Twitter was brimming with fans sharing their opinions, with many slating Sam. One declared, "Sam & Inga are the most childish annoying humans ever they legit act like 14 year olds," while another commented, "Sam Prince basically bullying Julius via social media! Why is #MadeInChelsea promoting this by having it on the show? Him and Inga should be booted off!"

A third simply wrote, "Sam Prince and Inga. Soooooo childish!"

However, others couldn't help but see the funny side of Sam's antics including one who remarked, "Am I the only one that finds Sam Prince funny? 😂 Julius takes himself way too seriously."

One more tweeted, "Sam Prince tormenting Julius by mocking his TikToks is absolute comedy & Julius saying he finds it humorous but yet isn’t laughing and proceeds to block him is even more hilarious."

Another even went as far to say, "Sam Prince literally carries Made in Chelsea, he’s a fucking scream 😂."

Julius' videos usually feature him singing, with Sam often stitching the TikToks and poking fun at him. Julius proceeded to block Sam, which, frankly, only encouraged Sam further and he made another video with a fake crying filter showing that Julius had blocked him.

This isn't the only drama Sam has found himself at the centre of this series as he reunion with Inga certainly ruffled a few feathers in SW3.

Not only are they an item once again, but Sam and Inga are also already thinking about the next stages of their relationship and have even discussed marriage and children.

sam prince inga
Sam and Inga are officially back together after splitting earlier this year ©Channel 4

Speaking giving things another go, Sam said, “I’ve grown up a bit. I’ve decided what I really want. I wanted Inga to be my girlfriend. I think I was super-lost, it’s in no way an excuse, but it happened. I made mistakes and I treated her badly.

“And spending time away from each other made me realise how special our relationship was. I took it for granted at the start. And I’m not doing anything wrong to jeopardise that ever again.”

Admitting she was “conflicted” about taking Sam back, Inga told OK!, “I was going between what my head wanted and what my heart wanted. It was actually Maeva [D’Ascanio] who sort of played Cupid and said, ‘You know what, if you really love someone, you’re making a mistake by not being with them. You have to let go of the past and give it another try’.

“So, I think that advice made me think twice. I followed my heart because she made me realise I could end up regretting it if I didn’t give it one more go.”

Made in Chelsea viewers will have seen Inga confess to snogging Emily Blackwell’s ex Harvey Armstrong, much to the fury of Sam, but the pair clearly managed to move past it before getting back together.

So, following his exciting reunion with Inga, here’s everything you need to know about Sam Prince…

Who is Sam Prince?

Sam Prince is a reality star, influencer and business owner who rose to fame when he joined the cast of Made in Chelsea in 2017. He launched a sustainable tea brand called Forager Health with business partner Niall Kiddle during lockdown. Prior to this, Sam worked in marketing and was educated at St Bede's School in East Sussex.

How old is Sam Prince?

Sam is currently 25 years old. He was born on 27 April 1997, making him a Taurus.

When did Sam Prince join Made in Chelsea?

Sam first joined the cast of Made in Chelsea in series 13, way back in 2017, when he was just 20 years old. He quit the show a year later, but made a return for series 22 in 2021. He's been ever present on the show since his return.

Who is Sam Prince's girlfriend?

Sam is currently dating Inga Valentiner. The pair recently reunited after splitting earlier this year and this time it seems like it's for good as they've already discussed marriage and kids. "That’s something we have spoken about and we’re both excited to have that in our future but we have so much to do before then, like travel together and have more adventures," Inga told OK!

Who has Sam Prince dated?

Sam previously dated Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo and Kate Moss' half-sister Lottie Moss, however both relationships ended due to his alleged cheating. Made in Chelsea viewers will known that he's also shared a kiss with co-star Verity Bowditch.

Does Sam Prince have Instagram?

He sure does. You can follow him at @samjprince.

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