Made in Chelsea ‘misrepresented’ cast member revealed and sorry, what?

Made in Chelsea star Miles Nazaire on how he got the 'bad edit' following Ella May Ding romance

by Ben Pulsford |

Big thanks to the podcast Gods this week for manifesting Made in Chelsea's voice-of-reason Emily Blackwell on to the latest episode of Playtime, the podcast recently launched by besties Miles Nazaire and Charlie Radnedge (the awkward, greased-up, but kind of loveable butler in the buff from Love Island 2022 who made love to the villa's lawn).

We'll be frank: Emily is the down-to-earth, cutting, honest, female voice Playtime podcast so desperately needs, and as such it's easily the best episode yet; she elevates it from just two privileged playground playboys from Chelsea playing a game of in-joke ping-pong and we thank her for that. We also eternally thank her for keeping bestie Miles in line on and off camera – which, to our delight, is the main topic of conversation this week.

It's the shade-throwing for us. Here's one of our favourite exchanges between Miles and Emily during episode 5:

Miles: "I'm on a show where you're constantly getting a lot of attention and (to Charlie) you know how it feels now, as well..."

Emily: "It's just too easy for you, isn't it?"

Miles: "No, I don't want to say it like that because it sounds really f*cking disgusting. I just get a lot of attention. You get a lot of attention, and I have been, for a while..."

Emily: "Shagging."

Honestly, a MIC producer could never.

made in chelsea miles nazaire

We do love you, Miles, but we must use the eye-roll emoji more than actual words when we write about you – especially these days thanks to the whole Ella May Ding fiasco (another 🔥 conversation topic this week).

During the latest episode of the podcast, the trio went into detail about how the Ella May Ding MiC storyline affected Miles and how some of the resulting recent social media attention has led him and Charlie to declare Miles – yes, Miles – as "misrepresented" on the show.

Miles told his listeners, "I was really upset the last two weeks because I've been getting a lot of backlash, a lot of hate.

"It's really affected me and normally it doesn't – I've been on the show for five years now and I've always got hate, but this one really kind of affected me. And then I watched the show – I didn't actually watch this series, but I thought I must watch it because I'm getting all these comments about me. And I watched it and I was like, 'That's really not how it went down'."

Misrepresentation is a big deal when talking about the ins and outs and ethics of a reality show; especially if you're a heat journalist, so let's just say our ears pricked up at this point.

Charlie then piped in, adding, "I think you got misrepresented in the situation on Made in Chelsea. You got a bad edit."

Miles and Ella on open top bus tour in London

Miles then continued, spouting, "Yeah, they cut a lot of my words and I get it, I feel like they wanted to favour Ella a little bit more, and also certain things got taken way out of context. For example, like, the message with Yaz. I was like, 'Oh my God'; it was like one simple message between a friend and myself that got blown out of proportion."

Spoiler alert if you haven't listened already, the whole thing then turns into a classic game of he said/she said between the Playtime podcast boys and the Sit With Us girls (Ella's podcast), which is a little too playground culture for our liking. Luckily, Emily clearly felt the same way and concluded the conversation by stating, "I think what people need to remember is that there is a lot that can happen that can only be squeezed into a one hour episode. A lot of what we say and what actually happens gets cut down."

Emily Blackwell looking stressed with her hand on her head in Made in Chelsea
©Channel 4

Here's to Emily Blackwell, the most patient woman in television, and here's to Miles for his choice friendships – what's cute here, if (for the right or the wrong reasons) you can really see that Charlie and Emily have his back to the end of the Earth, which is quite nice to see in the rather artificial world of reality telly.

Now, here's a list of other women we'd like to see on Playtime: Maeva D'Ascanio, Tiffany Watson, Ruby Adler, Ella May Ding, Issy Francis-Baum and Yasmine Zweegers. No reason.

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